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DeCoursey Bridge/Greenbriar Swamp - Legend of Big Lizz - Real Haunts in Cambridge MD

  • Cambridge, MD
The Decoursey Bridge was constructed over the Greenbriar Swamp, which is where "Big Lizz" went with her master to help bury money. Once she helped him bury the money, he decapitated her and left her alone, never to be found. Her spirit is said to haunt the bridge, holding her head in one hand and calling out to onlookers to follow her to the spot where her master's money is buried. Local legend says if you follow her, you won't return! If you're brave enough to try and get a glimpse of Big Lizz, park your car on the bridge at midnight and flash your headlights twice before turning the car off. Good luck and happy hunting!
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  • Confusion

    Burnt bridge, Maggie’s bridge and, Big Liz bridge are in 3 different locations. Maggie’s and burnt bridge are in seaford but in 2 different areas about 5 minutes apart. Myself and my wife visit them quite often and have gotten some results. We have had full on conversations with spirits at burnt bridge on multiple occasions.

    Posted 5/30/23

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  • Not the wrong bridge!!

    I'm the lead investigator of E.S.P. (Eastern Shore Paranormal), and to address the comment about this being the wrong bridge, unfortunately you're incorrect. The tale of Big Liz has been around since civil war times and takes place within the 10 or so miles of Greenbrier Swamp. Liz was rumored to be a Union spy and was thought to be reporting locations of buried Confederate monies and valuables, so one day the plantation owner took Liz to "move the loot" and pointed where he wanted her to bury it and took her life in a gruesome way. I also know the bridge you're talking about, Burnt Bridge, also known as, Maggie's Bridge, is located in Seaford De. In the 1800s a woman named Maggie Bloxom was in a horse and carriage accident ultimately ending her life. The information provided on this site about Maggie's Bridge is slightly inaccurate. However the two events both Liz and Maggie share a similar detail, they both died the same way, both by being decapitated, one by a person, and the other in an accident. Either way we've gotten plenty of action at both locations across multiple devices, ovilus, rem pod, K2 meters, mel meter, edi, SLS, and the list goes on. Just wanted to say whoever said that this was the wrong bridge was not correct.

    Posted 5/16/23

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  • Wrong bridge, Big Liz bridge is in Seaford, De

    The legend of big Liz is based off of "burnt bridge" in Seaford, De. Our investigative team has had many experiences on multiple occasions at burnt bridge including the name Elizabeth on the ovilus, dowsing rods can be used but keep in mind water affects them, tons of K2 and rem activity. Shadows in a few spots, the spiderweb sensation when physical contact is made by spirits, and much more. If you want to experience the real Big Liz bridge, check out burnt bridge in Seaford. It even shows up on Google maps as a tourist attraction.

    Posted 5/4/23

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  • Not scary

    Nothing happened sat there for 2 hrs messing around

    Posted 6/25/22

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  • Used to go crabbing off bridge as a child

    My grandfather told me this story as a child. He was born in 1912 in Dorchester county, MD. I never saw her myself, but my grandfather claimed he caught a glimpse of someone. I thought he was pulling my leg because he liked to joke but there is no way he could have faked the fear on his face. Definitely looked like he saw a ghost.

    Posted 2/26/22

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