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Glenn Dale Hospital - Glenn Dale MD Real Haunted Place

  • 5201 Glenn Dale Rd.
  • Glenn Dale, MD
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This hospital was built in the 1930s and was once a tuberculosis sanatorium that featured 23 different buildings. It closed down in 1981 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2011. The grounds are rumored to be haunted by The Goat Man of Maryland, a half-man, half-goat like creature.
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  • Does anyone believe that there is a goatman shooting at people?

    Just curious if anyone believes that there's a man dressed up like a goatman devil shooting a gun at individuals ? Is that really true ?

    Posted 3/21/24

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  • Door slams.. spooky?

    So me and a friend of mine have explored this place a few times. On of one of explorations we walked up the left side entrance to the children's hospital. When we got close to the door and tried to take a peak inside we heard a loud stick crack and we bolted. Before that though we noticed abandoned clothes, purses and shoes. Might be nothing but seemed weird. We then immediately drove over to Capper/McCarren Hall. Mind you, its not a far distance but we drove it, much faster then someone could walk over there. We entered Capper Hall from the left most entrance when you are facing the front of this building, with the children's hospital to your back. I took a look around in one of what I would assume to be a patient room. I walked out, shinned my light down the hall and a door SLAMMED. It was dead still out, no way it was wind. Maybe not paranormal but still sketch as shit. Be careful here, there is security in the evenings but if you go and speak to the cop there, most likely he will give you permission to take a look around the outside. I do not recommend going inside the bigger building because of structural decay and asbestos. Overall though, a very cool place to look at from a far :))

    Posted 10/25/23

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  • Carry weapons…

    My group of friends and I love going here on weekends to just waste time. In total, we have been to Glenn Dale Hospital roughly 30+ times in 2023. Majority of the time our experiences was amazing. Of course we heard the typical unexplained footsteps and knocking, but the last few times we have went we all left shaken. Its not the ghost you need to worry about here, its the fellow explorers… Last night, my husband and i went with 4 other friends. We explored some of the children’s hospital but we got bored because we have explored it sooo many times. so we decided to go to the Adult hospital. Walking up to the hospital we caught a glimpse of a room lighting up, like it was from a flash of a camera. we stood there waiting for another flash but nothing happened so we carried on walking to the back of the building. we noticed a little building off to the left of the hospital, we found the entrance to it and as soon as we walked in bats spooked us. but we explored the basement of that area and our friends found the stairs and continued up them while my husband, his friend and i walked outside because i didnt have a good feeling. While standing out there we heard our friends in the building talking and they even tried to scare us by throwing pop its out the window at us but we knew it was them and didn’t acknowledge it. Soon after we saw a flashlight in the back of the building. it wasnt our friends. we were using iphone flashlights, and so we knew someone else was there with us. Our friends got to the third floor of that building and one stuck her head out the window and was shot at. The three of us that was outside booked it to the side of the security trailer about 100 yards from the hospital. We called and called our friends they didnt answer so we were quick to assume the worst. I called the cops and soon after we found our friends and went to our cars. The gunshot was on our minds so much that it completely made us forget what happened moments before we even walked into that building. We were walking up to the building and was about 30 ft from it. My friends all heard a female scream. It sounded like a female. the cops called me and i explained the building in detail to them and i didnt remember the scream until the cop asked me if there was any. another experience that we have had is, 4 of us went Cinco De Mayo. We knew others were going to be there but we have met up with random groups many times before and it wasnt nothing to worry about. well this group saw us and chased us to the woods near the boiler house. We dropped to the wood line and prayed to not be found. The other group was taunting us trying to get us to come out. We dont know why and to be honest, we didnt want to figure out. but overall, the hospital is a great experience when other malicious people arent there. no matter what, bring a weapon. we got extremely lucky last night…

    Posted 6/25/23

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  • Intriguing

    Went up here one time by myself, brought a old Polaroid and other cameras , spoke with actually a local who pulled over , she was woman soon expecting and congratulated her, had very cool conversation about the place and she carried on, I walked around most the buildings and eventually got the courage to go in one for a little, so when I did , it was getting dark and light was very little, I wanted to snap a couple videos so when I started my snapchat video, my light on my phone comes on I walked in, walked up the stairs and I totally forgot that once you start recording with Snapchat and the video ends you’re light turns off .. so I was up stairs in the pitch black soon as my video ended and for some reason .. soon as it ended, I heard hissing, tons of footsteps in all directions like a group was playing ring around the Rosie, and definitely voices I can’t explain because I was the only one in this building.. I bolted down stairs and honestly got out quickly.. but after finally waiting for my Polaroid pics to show up, a lot of them had tons of orbs, one room especially I was uneasy with looks like there’s a little kid starring me down with glowing eyes… it’s a amazing place for anyone interested in spirits or want to explore the unknown, I do suggest going with someone rather alone.. but definitely a experience I won’t forget, very historic and beautiful place, no problems with security honestly as I respected the buildings, wouldn’t disturb grounds or cause destruction ever .. it’s a historic beauty ??

    Posted 6/25/22

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  • Need to go back

    I went with a big group of friends in high school late at night. As we made it up the drive we go to the main building which had a guy crawling out of the broken front door. We ran. We decided to go back the following weekend and actually went in the same building and up to the 2nd floor. We started walking left down the hallway when we heard a faint laugh/cry coming from the end of the hallway. Our flashlights didn’t reach that far to see what it was so we started walking closer. I don’t know if someone in the group heard something or what but someone took off and everyone followed. We went back a few weeks later cause we’re stupid and here’s where I need y’all’s help. We went in the main door hooked a right and went to the end of the hall. On the right side is a little door with a spiral wooden staircase that goes down about 6 stories. We followed it to impress the girls we were with. Once you reach the bottom there is a long dark hallway. If you follow it about 100 yards there are 2 doors on the left hand wall (only doors I seen and remember this is deep underground. Me and my buddy went in and it was this big cement tunnel that had to be about 2 stories high with 2 big cement pillars. Now this is deep underground with no lights but our flashlight. Weirdly idk if it’s science or what but the tunnel before the pillars were weirdly illuminated that you could see and behind the pilliars was a solid wall of black that our flashlights wouldn’t even penetrate. We got this gut wrenching feeling and ran. I wish we stayed and got a picture or something because the image is seared in my head and I have dreams about it all the time that I should have gone in further. Now I enjoy life so I’m not going back but if anyone has any pictures videos or live walkthroughs (even though it’s trespassing) I would love to be able to see what I saw that day again.

    Posted 10/29/21

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  • Not much but still fun

    Me and a group of friends went for 4th of July 2021 and all explored most of the buildings since there seemed to be no cops or security, definitely creeping and had me terrified the whole time, walking through everybody kept hearing hanging from upstairs and having small things fall on them from the ceiling in one of the main buildings, we ended up using a spirit box to communicate and got a lot of activity and multiple spirits talking, after leaving the main building me and one friend started hearing like faint yells coming from inside the building even though we went through the whole thing and nobody was in there besides us. All around had a great time and wish more paranormal stuff happened

    Posted 7/5/21

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  • Fun little adventure

    4 of us went back in 2016. I was the only female and the guys were ex military. First was the late night visit. We all felt a presence, heard voices, and I walked out with what looked like a bite mark on my arm. We had ventured down in the basement and something spooked the guys and all took off running up stairs and out of the building. Leaving me alone. I kept venturing on my own. They freaked out and told me to get out of there. I felt sad and evil emotions wash over me after we left that night. We went back during the day and checked out the other buildings. Really cool place to venture but would insist doing it during the day for sure. We were in the last building when someone spotted a cop. We snuck out a side door a bolted for the car. Didnt get caught though

    Posted 5/5/21

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  • It's fun, but be careful.

    Me and my mom went there in the summer, as soon as we got out of the car we felt the presence of spirits. We went inside some of the buildings and there were smells of rotting flesh. My phone started acting up as well, it messed with my phone battery. We communicated with some of the ghosts and they responded. I definitely would not come here if you have bad anxiety or gets scared easily. Also the ghosts were attracted to me the whole time we were there.

    Posted 12/23/20

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  • Almost got arrested there

    My mom and I went and the cops showed up, it's really cool but it's not worth almost being arrested.

    Posted 11/25/20

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  • Fun but freaky

    Three of us went. I kept hearing voices say my name and heard some weird banging and what sounded like running footsteps around us. I ended up going downstairs with the other person in our group while my friend stayed upstairs. There were cold spots and weird drafts/breezes, and they got worse as we went downstairs, while the building as a whole was the same temperature all throughout. My friend was on a phone call with me and our companion (on my phone) and suddenly the call disconnected. She thought I had hung up on her, and I thought that she had hung up on me. After this, weird things kept happening to my phone. My ring tone played with no one calling, my music kept playing at full volume when I had every app shut off to save battery, my phone tried to connect to unknown devices for Bluetooth or NFC transfer, and kept shutting itself off/restarting on its own. It's a fun experience, but is definitely better for those who don't have anxiety or get easily spooked.

    Posted 6/15/20

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  • It was fun but beware

    First of all, be warned, it says open to the public but there’s a few no trespassing signs and stuff. It was pretty cool, my friend heard a weird voice whisper her name at some point, and there was a bunch of weird noises. When we were inside the building I started to feel trapped and really claustrophobic. I tried not to say anything cause i knew my friend would probably think I was just being a big baby. Soon my 2 other companions went downstairs and found this theatre thing, I stayed up because I was filled with a ton of anxiety. At first I thought I was just being a wimp, but It was different then just being scared. I started to not be able to catch my breath and I wanted to cry and I was just really really anxious. Afterward I still felt anxious. It was a lot of fun, but I still feel pretty uneasy. My friends phone started acting up too, randomly playing music and trying to connect to unknown devices

    Posted 8/18/19

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  • Don’t go near

    Not just haunted. You shouldn’t go near. Any sensitive person can be possessed, suffer hallucinations, have nightmares, etc. This is the real paranormal shit. Anyone who does go there should be cleansed afterwards.

    Posted 11/11/18

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